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Course Open: Yes
Maximum Available Seats: 10
Seats Available: 3
Course Cancelled?: No
D75-18-155: Life Space Crisis Intervention
Counseling 2018/2019

Description: Pre-requisite: Life Space Crisis Intervention (LSCI) is a 6-day certificate training. LSCI is an advanced, interactive therapeutic strategy for turning crisis situations into learning opportunities for children and youth with chronic patterns of self-defeating behaviors. LSCI views problems or stressful incidents as opportunities for learning, growth, insight, and change. This non-physical intervention program uses a multi-theoretical approach to behavior support and problem solving. LSCI provides staff a roadmap through conflict to desired outcomes using crisis as an opportunity to teach and create positive relationships with youth. The skills discussed in this training are aligned with Danielson FfT: 1b-Demonstrating Knowledge of Students; 2a-Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport; 2b-Establishing a Culture for Learning; 3a-Communicating with Students; 3b-Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques. PLEASE NOTE: THIS COURSE IS RECOMMENDED FOR CLINICIANS.

Glazen Celerio & Naomi Jandorf

Course Date & Location:
10/31/2018, 11/02/2018, 11/07/2018, 11/09/2018, 11/14/2018, 11/16/2018
8:10 to 3:00
D75 400 1st Avenue, 3rd Fl. NY, NY 10010