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Course Open: Yes
Maximum Available Seats: 30
Seats Available: 20
Course Cancelled?: No
D75-18-163: Autism Seminar
Counseling 2018/2019

Description: This 2 day Autism Workshop addresses evidence-based interventions and strategies for working with students with Autism in counseling. Participants will be responsible for utilizing strategies in counseling sessions and sharing outcomes with other participants. Participants are required to bring an example of one strategy they have used in sessions for students with Autism. Recommended participants for this training include social workers, guidance counselors, and school psychologists who provide mandated counseling services to students with Autism. Skills discussed in this training are aligned with 1b-Demonstrating Knowledge of Students; 2a- Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport; 2c-Managing Classroom Procedures; 2d-Managing Student Behavior; 2e-Organizing Physical Space; 4f-Showing Professionalism.

Kelli Mackowsky & Dana Freed

Course Date & Location:
12/18/2018, 03/28/2019
8:10 to 3:00
D75 400 1st Avenue, 8th Fl. NY, NY 10010