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Course Open: No
Maximum Available Seats: 60
Seats Available: 2
Course Cancelled?: No
D75-19-440: ELL Compliance Professional Learning Opportunity
English Language Learners 2019/2020

Description: In this session ELL compliance liaisons, both those who are administrators and those who are teachers, will concentrate on ELL Identification, the Language Allocation Policy (LAP), Language Translation and Interpretation (LTI), completion of Title III LEP formula grants, and Title III Immigrant grants for the 2019-2020 school year. Participants will be provided with examples of program themes appropriate for Title III After School and/or Saturday programs, the allowable allocation of Title III expenditures, and how to use the budgeting tool provided from Central. For schools which need to update their Title III plans in order to have their plan certified/approved, based on comments provided by the ELL office, specific assistance will be provided. Participants will receive explicit instruction on the completion of the newly-revised system of District-based ELL Compliance Documents, and will learn how the completion of each document will assist their school in remaining in compliance throughout the year. All participants must bring a laptop with them in order to practice using the documents in the new format. CTLE credit will be given for participation in the session. The session hours earned will count toward administrators’ 15% and ENL and Bilingual teachers’ 50% professional learning requirement on MLL/ELL topics as per Commissioner’s Regulations (CR) Part 154.

Maryann Polesinelli

Course Date & Location:
8:10 am to 3:00 pm
721K, 64 Avenue X, Brooklyn, NY 11223