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Course Open: No
Maximum Available Seats: 40
Seats Available: 8
Course Cancelled?: No
D75-19-339: Math Skills for Living, Learning, & Earning (Fall)
Mathematics (STEM), Transition 2019/2020

Description: In school and postsecondary sucess is highly dependent on a students' skills and access to learning opportunities. This workshop will focus on how to teach functional math skills and will identify and explore instructional opportunities related to traveling the city--time/time management, directions, kinesthetic learning, cooking, earning a salary or stipend and budgeting. Participants will engage in various activities that will highlight interdisciplinary learning options that can positively influence living, learning, and earning options for students.

Natalie McQueen & Greg Heath

Course Date & Location:
8:10 am to 3:00 pm
721K, 64 Avenue X, Brooklyn, NY 11223