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Course Open: Yes
Maximum Available Seats: 25
Seats Available: 2
Course Cancelled?: No
D75-19-351: P372K - TCIS - Therapeutic Crisis Intervention for Schools
PBIS 2019/2020

Description: Therapeutic Crisis Intervention for Schools (TCIS) is a 4-day certification training. Staff learn skills so that they can become the catalyst through which students can change old habits, destructive responses, and maladaptive behavior patterns. The goal of the training program include assisting organizations in preventing crises from occurring, de-escalating potential crises, managing acute physical behavior, and reducing potential and actual injury to young people and staff. This model gives organizations a framework for implementing a crisis prevention and management system that reduces the need to rely on high-risk interventions. Day 3 of TCIS will cover important safety concerns when working with students with challenging behaviors. This course is RECOMMENDED for all members of a school's staff including Assistant Principals, Deans, Crisis Intervention Teachers, Teachers, Clinicians, Paraprofessionals and District 75 SETSS Providers. It is most effective when it is being used consistently by all staff. Yearly refreshers are strongly recommended for participants who successfully complete the training. (i.e.: TCI-DD). Course Requirement: Participants must attend all 4 days and successfully complete the written and practical exams to show they have met competency standards inusing the TCI techniques. The skills discussed in this training are aligned with Danielson FfT: 1b-Demonstrating Knowledge of Students; 2b-Establishing a Culture for Learning; 2c- Managing Classroom Procedures; 3a-Communicating with Students; 3b-Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques.

Natasha Davidson & Edward Williams

Course Date & Location:
01/09/2020, 01/16/2020, 01/23/2020, 01/30/2020
8:10 am to 3:00 pm
P372K, 512 Carroll Street, Brooklyn NY 11215