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Course Open: Yes
Maximum Available Seats: 35
Seats Available: 26
Course Cancelled?: No
D75-16-405: 3-D World (2 days)
Transition 2016/2017

Description: This course is for teachers of High School students in Alternate Assessment whose goals focus specifically on expanding communication, social and life skills. Students selected to participate in the Virtual World must be able to use a computer keyboard and mouse and have basic verbal communication skills in order to benefit from the program. Teachers attending the workshop commit to participation in the Citywide World Curriculum for the school year, including planning and executing weekly online learning sessions supported by in-world staff, as well as the related lessons and activities in the physical classroom and the real-world community.
Certain technology requirements must be met in order to participate. Schools participaing for the first time must contact Cara Coffina before the workshop in order to ensure that technology requirements can be met.
Course Requirement:
Participants are required to facilitate weekly in-world community sessions as well as at least 2 additional periods of related instruction per week. Participants will also attend an online PD mid-year. Participants will receive a certificate of completion that counts towards professional development requirement hours in their licensing process. This course is aligned to the Danielson Framework for Teaching Component 1a (Demonstrate Knowledge of Content and Pedagogy), Component 3c (Engage Students in Learning)
2nd day (Refresher) is for teachers and facilitators already participating in the 3-D Worlds program. Participants will have an opportunity to hone their virtual world skills, ask questions, troubleshoot, and learn and share new strategies for implementing the program successfully.

Cara Coffina & Charles Bender

Course Date & Location:
10/06/2016, 01/13/2017
8:10 to 2:40
D75, 400 First Ave. 3rd Fl., New York, NY, 10010