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Course Open: Yes
Maximum Available Seats: 35
Seats Available: 9
Course Cancelled?: No
D75-16-159: Debate (2 days)
Applied Learning 2016/2017

Description: Teachers will be introduced to the exciting District 75 online debate program. Workshop will include approaches to collaborative planning and learning incorporating technology and current events. Returning and new debate teachers (ELA, Social Studies, Technology and classroom teachers) are welcome. Participation signifies commitment to the Debate program for the entire school year. The program is targeted towards students in Standardized Assessment, and advanced learners in Alternate Assessment. This PD will specifically support CCLS in speaking and listening.
Course Requirement:
All participants will be required to implement a debate curriculum in their school and participate in at least 3 rounds of online debates. Participants will also be required to attend a mid-year Refresher PD. Participants will receive a certificate of completion that counts towards professional development requirement hours in their licensing process. This course is aligned to the Danielson Framework for Teaching Component 1a (Demonstrate Knowledge of Content and Pedagogy), Component 3c (Engage Students in Learning). The 2nd day (Refresher) is for teachers who have already participated in at least one round of online debates. Specific strategies and resources for maximizing a successful student debate experience will be addressed, as well as structures for support. This PD is for all debate teachers, from beginners to those that are ready to amplify their programs through trips and other extension activities.

Cara Coffina & Charles Bender

Course Date & Location:
09/16/2016, 01/11/2017
8:10 to 2:40
D75, 400 First Avenue, 3rd Fl., New York NY 10010