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D75-19-110: Writing a Present Levels of Performance and Annual Goals that are Aligned and Drive Instruction for Students that Participate in Alternate Assessments
IEP Development 2019/2020

Description: Through presentation, discussion and hands on activities, this TWO DAY Professional Development is open to all classroom and ENL teachers, SETSS providers, as well as Related Service providers who aid in the creation of IEPs. Guidance in how to create a Present Level of Performance that is relevant, data driven and is aligned to all other sections of the IEP will be covered. We will dive into the creation of SMART Annual Goals which support other sections of the document and offer better outcomes for our students due to that alignment. Participants are to bring current data sources and a finalized paper copy of an IEP for a student that they are presently working with. Please do not forget to redact, (remove) the student's name and identification number.

Sherri Lafond & LORI ANN LOWE

Course Date & Location:
02/06/2020, 02/28/2020
8:10 am to 3:00 pm
District Office, First Floor, 400 First Ave, Manhattan, 10010