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D75-19-186: Introduction to ABA/Verbal Behavior: Cohort 2
Autism 2019/2020

Description: This 3 day  ABA training examines the application of the Principles of Behavior, specifically Skinner's Analysis of Verbal Behavior, to teach language to students with Autism throughout the school day. Topics include characteristics of autism, how to create a motivating environment in which to teach language , the functions of language, strategies for teaching requesting and initiation, reinforcement, using the ABLLS-R to plan for instruction, evidence-based teaching procedures, data collection, Natural Environment Teaching (NET) and intensive teaching. MUST attend all THREE sessions.  Attendees will be expected to demonstrate how to deliver preferred items to gain compliance for all students. OPEN TO TEAMS (teachers, paraprofessionals and related service providers).

Deborah Goldman

Course Date & Location:
01/03/2020, 01/06/2020, 01/07/2020
8:10 am to 3:00 pm
District Office, 400 1st Avenue, 8th fl, New York, NY 10010