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D75-18-181: Mindfulness as a Counseling Strategy
Counseling 2018/2019

Description: This 1 day training will explore how to incorporate mindfulness techniques and how they can benefit students with disabilities. Participants will learn how to teach students coping strategies through mind body connections. Aligned with 1b-Demonstrating Knowledge of Students; 2a- Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport; 2c-Managing Classroom Procedures; 2d-Managing Student Behavior; 2e-Organizing Physical Space; 3b-Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques ; 4d- Participating in the Professional Community; 4e- Growing and Developing Professionally; 4f-Showing Professionalism.
Requirements: Yoga mat & water

Talia Intrator

Course Date & Location:
8:10 to 3:00
Rosa Park Educational Campus 3441 Steenwick Ave Bronx, NY 10475