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D75-19-108: IEP Coordinators' Institute
IEP Development 2019/2020

Description: This Professional Learning Community is geared towards the participation of school's IEP Coordinator/ Point Person identified by the school's Principal. A close look will be paid not only to Best Practices in writing the IEP , but, the thought process of how and why it is written and the protocols around the document. The concept of fidelity and quality of the document as well as current information will be explored through presentation, discussion and activities.

Sherri Lafond & LORI ANN LOWE

Course Date & Location:
10/04/2019, 12/16/2019, 03/10/2020, 06/05/2020
8:10 am to 3:00 pm
District Office, First Floor, 400 First Ave, Manhattan, 10010